About Perry Services

Perry Auto & Truck Repair’s existence began back in 1996 when owner Brian decided to turn his passion into a career. Since then, Perry Auto & Truck Repair has been offering high quality comprehensive automobile repair services at reasonable rates in the Massillon and Canton, Ohio areas. Safety, quality, and commitment to our community are 3 core factors that can be seen in all of our work. With a growing reputation and an increasing number of customers, we must be doing something right!

Unlike a lot of our competition out there, we stand behind our work. Our goal is to keep our family and yours safe on the road. We fix vehicles right the first time, no matter the problem or repair.

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Perry Auto & Truck Repair
Canton, Ohio 44646

Phone: 330-479-0900
email: [email protected]

Our Services

  • Car Care Services

    They're one of our biggest assets, our vehicles. They get us where we need to be and they can cost a pretty penny. So it only makes sense to entrust such a valuable piece of property to the automotive experts at ....

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  • General Services

    Foreign or domestic, a historic classic or fresh off the assembly line -it makes no difference to us, regardless of the make or model, Perry Auto can fix it! From simple tune ups and oil changes to full engine ....

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  • Electrical Services

    With advancing automotive technology it can be tricky to find an automotive expert who can repair old standard cars or trucks and also repair the electrical work and components of the newer models ....

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Great work! Won't go anywhere else....Ms. Alixe


Car was running rough, stopped out and Brian and the gang at Perry Auto fixed me right up, fast and reasonable...Mr. Jones

  • Automotive Heating & Cooling (Air Conditioning)

    Welcome to Ohio where you’ll need your heater blowing full blast one day and then need your AC to combat the sweltering heat the next. There’s no worse time to figure out that your vehicle’s heating and cooling systems are … Read More

  • Tires & Wheels

    Whether you have a sports car built for speed, a monster truck made for all terrain, or a just the average junker, all of these vehicles have something in common – tires! So whether your tires are bald, worn, torn, … Read More

  • Oil Change

    Every vehicle needs its oil changed on a regular basis, whether it has 3 miles put on it or 300,000 miles. If oil is not changed, it can not only accelerates the engine’s wear and tear, but it also increases … Read More

  • Shocks & Struts

    If you notice excessive bouncing or swaying, even at low speeds, and rough handling on the roadways, then it’s very likely that your vehicle could have a problem with its suspension system and its shocks or struts. Worn shocks and … Read More

  • Alignment

    Is your vehicle pulling to the left or the right? Is your steering wheel loose, or do you notice a lot of vibration? You shouldn’t have to fight with your steering wheel to make your vehicle go straight. This is … Read More

  • Transmission

    A busted or damaged transmission can mean bad news for any driver. Without a good transmission you won’t be going very far. Transmission problems can come in all sizes, from leaking transmission fluid to trouble in shifting and abnormal noises … Read More

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